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How to choose summer tires for a car by size

The size is easiest to select based on the recommendations of the car manufacturers. Data on the characteristics of suitable tires can be found in the technical documentation for your vehicle. And when selecting a specific model, its dimensions can be found from the designation applied to the sidewall. See more at primewell tires review

Tire marking contains a block of numbers that indicate the diameter, width of the model, as well as the height of its profile . It might look like this: 195/65 R15.

195, 185 or 175 summer tires mean the corresponding tire width in mm. As you can see from the example above, this characteristic is usually listed first. The height of the profile is given through a slash, which is indicated as a percentage relative to the width. That is, in this example, the profile is 65% of the model width.

Models with this value less than 55% are considered low profile. The width and height of the profile affect the speed characteristics of the vehicle. Low profile is a speed choice, especially on smooth, dry asphalt. However, high-profile tires are stronger and more durable. This is especially important if you have to travel a lot on rough roads.

If we are talking about summer tires r14, r15, r16 - we mean the diameter of the tires in inches. It corresponds to the outer diameter of the disc. The “R” in the designation says it is a radial ply construction tire.

There are also diagonal ones, where the threads of the frame are laid diagonally, crossing each other. However, this type is deprecated. Most modern models have a radial frame that provides better reliability and handling.

Summing up

Experienced drivers are well aware that tires are one of the most important conditions for safety and comfort. No safety systems can work effectively if the “rubber” does not hold the road. Therefore, the choice of summer tires is a responsible task.

When choosing a model, it is important to consider many parameters. First of all, you should pay attention to its size and performance. This choice is determined by both the requirements for a particular car model, as well as the personal preferences of the motorist.

You shouldn't skimp on the quality of "rubber". However, in our market, you can find quite affordable models from well-known brands.